Indonesian born in Surabaya and raised in Sumatra, Nina has a diverse background and understanding of both village and urban cultures. Nina has studied, practiced and excelled in all areas of the yogic arts for almost a decade. She received her first yoga training certification in Surabaya with Devdan Yoga International, and recently completed her training with Radiantly Alive in 2016, and few other short trainings. Currently she studies with Chris Su on Yin Mindfulness since 2016, and on going studies with Krisnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (India) on Viniyoga Tradition, under guidance of Dr. Kausthub Desikachar.

Nina’s original and ingenious sequencing and emphasis on body alignment along with her genuine love for yoga inspires students to build confidence, strength and presence to cultivate their own personal practice. She creates a supportive, casual, and authentic environment for her students of any experience to drop deep within themselves cultivating courage, self- determination and perseverance to excel both on the mat and out to the world. Nina has an uplifting, dynamic energy and presence beyond her years. Her unique and creative sequences stimulate physical, mental, and emotional growth.

“ Yoga taught me to embrace my unique-self, what and who I am as a whole being while nourish me as I’m evolving.

Its a blessed to have the opportunity to share this privilege with others.” - Nina